• DP/75/TDIG/SS

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Dual Purpose Benchtop Ovens / Incubators

Side mount designs

The Genlab range of Dual Purpose Ovens / Incubators combine the advantage of two temperature ranges in the same unit. Using bespoke firmware designed specifically for this chamber size, and a calibration class temperature sensor, we can offer accurate control up to 250.0ºC without temperature overshoot. The same chamber can also maintain a steady 30.0ºC* constant temperature by simply adjusting the set point. Available in a variety of sizes and designed with both side or base mounted displays to suit your exact needs.

Maximum Temperature (ºC) 250.0ºC
Minimum Temperature (ºC) +8 ºC
Capacity (L) 78
Internal dimensions (H x W x D mm) 420 x 530 x 350mm
External dimensions (H x W x D mm) 580 x 850 x 480mm
Controller Touch Screen Interface
Chamber Material Stainless Steel Chamber

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  • Brand: Genlab
  • Product Code: GLDP/75/TDIG/SS
  • £1,255.00

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