• PHFRANKLIN Franklin Organics

The Franklin analyser comes in a number of models including measuring dissolved organics at 254nm. The system can be configured in either a single or dual beam mode. There is no machine warm up time, the analyser will be accurate from the moment you flick the on switch.

We measure in the UV without needing to replace expressive lamps on a regular basis. Using a Franklin analyser or upgrading to one, will mean that you can recover your total costs against what you would have paid using a traditional system.

Data storage 10,000,000 results (operator, date, concentration & spectra)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 200x270x390mm
Display HD (1280 x 800) 16.7 million colors
Enclosure Rating* IP20 with closed lid
Interfaces 4 x USB Type A WiFi Bluetooth
Operating Mode Single band Measurement
Photometric Measuring Range ± 3 Abs
Power Requirement 110/230v 50/60 Hz ac12v dc 60 Wa9s
Preprogramed Methods Up to 1,000 methods
Sample Cell Compatibility Rectangle:10,20,50,30,100mm Round: 13mm,16mm,1inch
Scanning Speed 100 mSecs
Source Lamp Unique Solid State Light
Spectral Bandwidth 1.5nm
Storage Conditions -25 to 60 °C max. 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Stray Light <1%
User Programs 20,000
Wavelength Range 250 —260 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ± 0nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.3nm
Weight <4kg

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PHFRANKLIN Franklin Organics

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