• Compact Printer RS-P42°

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The rugged RS-P42 allows detailed documentation of the results without sacrificing much bench space. The approximately 5 cm wide printouts can easily be included in a lab journal. The printer provides printouts of weighing results, regular adjustments and depending on the balance it also prints out individual configuration application results. 

The connection to a balance or analytical instrument is accomplished via a standard RS232C interface. As a dot matrix printer, the RS-P42 meets all demands of modern quality assurance systems 

Interfaces RS232C
Print Speed 1 line per second
Printer Compatibility MS, ML, ME, JP, JS, JE, PHS, TLE, PG-S, PG-S/PH, SB, XPE, XPW, XSE, XP, XS, XA, HX, HS, HE, UMX, UMT, AB-S/FACT, AB-S, AB-L, PB-S/FACT, PB-S, PB-L, JB-G/FACT, JB-C/FACT, JB-L-G, JB-L-C, JL-G/L, AB-S/PH, PB-S/PH, MJ33, HB43-S, HG63, HR83, QB5, SQC XP,SQC16, DL15, DL22, DL28, S20, S30, S40, S47, S50, S70, S80

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Compact Printer RS-P42°

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