• The M501 UV-Visible Single Beam Scanning Spectrophotometer

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Camspec Model M501 Single Beam Scanning
UV/Visible Spectrophotometer
¼ VGA Display, 190-1100nm, 4nm bandpass
Supplied with 4-cell changer, 4 glass cells, 2 silica (UV)
cells, mains lead, dust cover, user manual 

•     Local Control Software - All methods are included
•     Basic Mode - Measures Absorbance, %T and Concentration.
•     Quantitative - Upto 10 standard solutions maybe used for a calibration
•     Wavelength Scanning
•     Kinetics - For time course scanning or reaction rates
•     DNA/Protein - Concentration & DNA purity are calculated
•     Multi-wavelength - up to 10 wavelengths
•     Performance Validation - for the GLP compliant laboratory
Dimensions (H x W x D) 550 x 420 x 270 packed size 645 x 535 x 370
Display 1/4 VGA 320x240pixels backlit LCD
Interfaces Centronic parallel for A4 inkjet printers USB Port
Photometric Accuracy Better than 1% @ 0.5A, 1A, 2A
Photometric Measuring Range -0.7 to 3A, 0 to 200%T, 0 to 9999 Conc
Power Requirement 110/120V, 220/230V, 50/60 Hz, 110VA

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The M501 UV-Visible Single Beam Scanning Spectrophotometer

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